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​Movie Theaters, Companies, Films Makers :
Digital Cinema offers new possibilities


Be on the
Biggest Screens !
Movie Theaters

Customize your theaters easily. Use your screens in a new way and shape your sessions with us.


Customized Jingles and skins are essential to provide a clear and unique identity to your theater. Just ask us for them.


Promptly inform your audience and advertise your previews and special events with 2D or 3D DCPs, on demand.


Allow your partners to use your screens and project their images and videos, with content provided as DCP.


Let your local partners revive the advertising curtains tradition or manage your own advertising spaces on screens.

Films Makers

You can now present your movies on the biggest screens, according to the highest quality standards.


DCP: Univeral Format for Digital Movies


"DCP" (Digital Cinema Package) is the only worldwide format for digital movies. The brand new technical supplies in movie theaters are ready: no connection, no further intervention. Everything is possible, very simply, even 3D !


Easy management & Usability


Depending on its duration, your DCP can fit on a single USB key or a small USB hard drive, to be quickly ingested on all movie theaters servers, for an easy technical management.


Organizing events sponsored by companies in movie theaters has become much easier than ever.


Advertising & Promotion


You are locally based and you want to create an advertisement film for your city movie theater. Talk to them about your project and ask us to transfer or create your advertising video on DCP


Movie Theaters Rentals


Your company sponsors a private meeting in a movie theater and you want to project a logo or a corporate film. We can provide the DCP that will perfectly fit into the movie theater playlist.


Convert your videos into DCP for immediate use in movie theaters

Since its origins, film projection process had certainly progressed but the film remained at the heart of the system. The sound had been deported to some digital audio systems such as DTS (tm) but the image retained its essential analog nature.


In north america and europe, the process is now completed everywhere. Cinemas have now brand new equipments (projectors, servers, TMS, 3D and sound accessories) to provide 100% digital projection.


This evolution is a revolution that let movie theaters, film makers and events organizers be free to use cinemas screens much more easily and effectively than ever

Cinecreation, born of this mutation, intends to focus on the flexibility of the new system and new opportunities (unthinkable in the days of 35mm), which are now available to movie theaters owners, operators, video creators, and film makers.


Controling your screens, enhancing the waiting time of your audience and managing a local advertising service is now at your fingertips.


Digital cinemas are now much more than cinemas. For special events, even if projectors may accept different video sources, everybody knows that projection is more simple and reliable when projectors are combined with "servers".

If you need to show your video in a digital cinema soon, conversion in DCP (Digital Cinema Package) is strongly recommended to get the best possible technical conditions of delivery and management.

Since 2011, Cinecreation has become the partner of digital cinemas, young filmmakers and videographers, as well as companies that wish to organise special events in movie theaters.


We convert all your images and videos into DCP but we can also build on request your jingles, ads and special trailers for all occasions.





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